Weekend Warrior

$ 10

Every 4 Weeks
  • Access to strength training, running, cycling, obstacle course racing and triathlon training plans.
  • Access to RyvelFit general forums
  • Access to video content
  • Access to coaches via forums
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Fit FanaticMost Popular

$ 20

Every 4 Weeks
  • Weekend Warrior features plus:
  • one – 30 min goal setting session via Skype (every 12 weeks)
  • Recovery plan (sport specific)
  • Video analysis of technique (once per month)
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PR Crusher

$ 30

Every 4 WeeksFit Fanatic features plus:

  • Race Execution Plan (Sport Specific)
  • Video analysis of technique (weekly)
  • 30 min update call (monthly)

Custom Plans

$ 120*

Per Month
  • Goal setting session via Skype
  • Baseline testing
  • Custom training plan delivered every 4 weeks
  • Custom race execution plan (dependent on sport)
  • Baseline retest every 8 weeks
  • Access to your personal training forum – coach review, plan discussion
  • Coach access via forum, email, text
  • *Monthly price varies by sport
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Training Plans

You will have access to pre-made plans for the Fitness and Performance memberships. The plans will be either time based or distance based. You will be able to access a week’s worth of training at a time so that you can plan your training.

Custom Plans

Custom training plans will be designed around a key race or goal. You will reform a baseline test(s) for your sport at the beginning of your training. You will repeat the test every 8 weeks to gauge your fitness and to determine if changes need to be made to your plan. You will have access to your training plan in 4 week blocks.

Video Content

Video content will consist of strength training movements, running drills and technique, cycling drills and technique, OCR drills and techniques and triathlon drills and techniques. You will also have access to the mobility library for effective recovery between training sessions.


The RyvelFit forums will be your main area of support. Here you can ask general training questions and receive feedback from coaches and other members. Membership level will dictate access to any special forums. Custom training athletes will have access to coaches outside of the forums.